You haven’t even started – There’s a reason nothing is happening

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Two of my favourite people in the world died recently, Bryce Courtenay and Zig Ziglar.
They both impacted my life with their books but even more so by the quality of men they were. They were both humble, gifted men who finished their lives with big smiles on their faces grateful for all they had been given and had experienced. But even in death they inspired me once more.


As I was reading their life stories I was amazed to discover that Zig Ziglar did not start speaking and writing until he was in his 40’s and Bryce Courtenay didn’t have his first novel, Power of One, published until he was 55 yrs old.


Now that I’m in my 40’s it’s so easy to get into the mind set of, “Oh well, over half way through, if things aren’t firing by now I guess they’re never going to happen”.


If Bryce or Zig would’ve had that mentality their books would’ve never existed and people’s lives all over the world would never been touched, changed, challenged or entertained.

So chuck that mentality.


Stop thinking that it’s all over, that you’ve had your time in the sun, that your winding down.
Take a leaf out of Bryce and Zigs book….Start the new business, take the class, learn the new skill, write the book, pitch the idea.


Because they knew the secret….it’s not because you’re finished that there’s nothing happening….it’s because YOU HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED.