Relax – Time to unblock the creative flow

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Nothing brings on anxiety like the quest for a perfect performance.


My wife, Selina, is a make up artist.
She tells me the worst job’s are always wedding’s. Mainly because the Bride is often going out of her mind trying to make her big day perfect (and who can blame her, hopefully she only gets to do it once). But from what I hear this striving for perfection only ever results in frustration, disappointment and fights with the in-laws.


I’ve found the same goes for TV. Trying to do it “perfect” is a recipe for disaster. You end up as a tight ball of nervous energy, all creativity and spontaneity is shut down.


The key…is to relax.
Perfect is impossible.
Mistakes are going to happen whether you like it or not.
But when you’re relaxed you are much better equipped to handle the situation.


Relax, everyone performs better when they’re relaxed Greg Norman, Australian Golfing legend