Finish – How to Instantly build Self esteem

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How would you like some serious mental clarity, peace and better self esteem in your life?
But first the warning….. The answer is simple but you ‘aint gonna like it….






Philosopher and Physiologist William James says, “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task”. Whether its a half read book, a half written email, a half fixed shelf, a half weeded garden, a half tidied garage, a half painted room or a half emptied dishwasher it puts a huge drain on your mental state.


It floats annoyingly around in the back of your head like a pebble in your shoe, just conscious enough to annoy you but not important enough to inspire action. When it finally does come to the forefront of your mind it makes you feel uncomfortable, irritable and unorganised.


Here’s how to spring clean that thinking …FINISH IT!


Make a list right now of things that need to be finished in your life. Don’t put anything off. Finish them ALL one after another. Don’t wait for council clean up, hire a skip. Take a humility pill and call a handy man. Read the books next to your bed or chuck them out. Make the phone call or don’t….but decide today and don’t think of it again.

Whatever it takes.


You’ll get peace, a clearer mind and you’ll even feel better about yourself.


Nothing builds self esteem and self confidence like accomplishment.Thomas Carlyle