Confidence – How to get it back

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“I used to be so confident, what the heck happened”


“I don’t know when, I don’t know why but somewhere along the way my confidence went out the window.”


Sound familiar?


Here’s the thing…


Confidence is not a birthright. Confidence is built.


If you have lost confidence in a certain area you can build it back up again.




By giving yourself some wins.


Chances are your confidence dissipated through a series of losses due to you trying to live up to a lifestyle that at the moment you can’t achieve.


Set yourself some super easy to achieve goals…and I mean ridiculously super-duper easy.


If you’ve lost all confidence in your self-discipline because you are eating 5 litres of ice cream a day… cut it down to 4.75 litres…I’m serious! The smallest movement in the right direction will start building confidence in you.


If I asked you to come on TV and host a live show for 2 hours you might freak out. But if I asked you to come on air for 3 seconds you would say sure, then the next week you did 8 seconds, then 20 seconds and week by week build up to 2 hours you could totally do it.


We only have confidence in what we can do.


Stop faking it…build it.